Flour Child is a new and innovative creation in pizza and bar culture. Flour Child sets a new standard for pizza in Australia. The first Flour Child is located in the beachy and funky suburb of Melbourne, St Kilda.

The Dough

Our hero product, is called “Pinsa Romana”. Not a spelling error…P i n s a  Romana does have many features explained below, but it is the very best pizza you have ever tasted! Whilst steeped in history it is actually very new, even, for its country of origin Rome in Italy. Definitely a first for Australia. Pinsa Romana is a remarkably different pizza in every way.

The flour itself is unique – the mixing and kneading process, 48 hours of dough proving, finally then, topped with the freshest ingredients with the most innovative combinations, creates a base that is always crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. WE will use only the freshest ingredients for the toppings, with the most innovative combinations.

Salumi & Cheese

Flour Child is also a purveyor of “Salumi and Cheese”. Salumi is the collection of cold and cured meats both imported and made here In Australia. Our salumi range is complemented by the extensive range of both soft and hard cheeses. Our team, acting like a sommelier of these products, Pinsa, Salumi and cheeses will guide you on a journey of tasting and happiness.

What makes pinsa so special?

What makes the difference is the special flour. Created from a special flour combination of Soy Flour, Rice Flour, 00 Wheat Flour and Dry Yeast. This special recipe and the unique mixing, kneading, the rising process and the stretching has never been practiced anywhere else in Australia. Pinsa flour produces a truly remarkable pizza that is crunchy on the outside (even when cold) and soft in the middle. Additionally, Pinsa pizza is also extremely well hydrated. In fact, Pinsa contains 80% hydration which is higher than any other pizza in the world! High levels hydration allows for digestibility and reduces the bloating feeling that all other pizza’s cause.

48 hours of resting and fermentation along with all the other unique processes guarantees a pizza so different, so tasty and so easy to digest it will make you wonder how you will ever eat any other pizza again!

The official “Di Marco Pinsa Flour” organisation of Rome accredits “Flour Child” to create and serve it exclusively. Exclusive we are, but we will share it with you.

Pinsa Romana pizzas are hand stretched and never spun. This allows the base to be cooked through evenly, something that other pizzas rarely achieve.

Pinsa Romana pizza…truly remarkable!

Flour Child is a place that surprises all those whom venture in. An experience in pizza, salumi & cheese and of course drinking. The drinking range is extraordinarily large will be sure to impress.