The Flour Child Academy


We really enjoyed the search and discovery of Pinsa Pizza for Australia. The history, the passionate development of the recipe for us has been a great journey. We want to share this with everyone so, we have committed to and have developed an education program.

Flour Child’s in-house pizza school offers weekly master classes on the art of measuring, proving, resting, stretching and baking authentic “Pinsa Romana” pizza.

Of course, our expert salumeria and cheese specialists will be part of the education calendar offering tasting and wine matching master classes.

We also take our drinking seriously and so we are committed to run a series of dedicated wine master classes, whiskey blending classes, cocktail master classes, fine spirit appreciation, aperitif and digestive appreciation classes.

For information on dates and registration, please contact us here and stay in touch via our social channels.

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Pinsa Romana Master class summary

The Pinsa Romana masterclass is for those who have a passion for freshly baked pizza and love the unique taste of the Pinsa Romana pizza base.

Kicking off at 6pm on Monday night, head pizza chef Daniele will guide you through the baking process of “pinsa”, developing your cooking skills to give you the knowledge to make your very own pinsa romana pizza base at home.

Learn the ancient secrets behind making the perfect pinsa dough – it’s in the way we make it! You will begin to understand the importance of the mixing process, using a remarkable combination of flours- Soy Flour, Rice Flour, 00 Wheat Flour and Dry Yeast.

This class is broken into four different portions:

  • Rolling the Pinsa Romana Balls: Pinsa Romana requires 48 hours of resting and fermentation to produce the delicious base that we know and love. In order to do this, Pinsa Romana is rolled into balls and left to rise. It might sound easy, but there is quite a process that goes into this step.
  • Stretching the dough: Our dough is not rolled or spun like most pizza bases. Rolling the dough results in a thick crust and thin centre, often leaving the base soggy once the toppings are applied. Instead, Pinsa Romana is instead pressed flat by the chef’s fingers. The result is a crust with more peaks and valleys. This step is the one to master!
  • Toppings: There are so many amazing flavours to choose from. This is where you get to select all your favourite toppings or talk to the experts about the prefect pairing!  
  • Tasting: Our favourite part of the masterclass, the taste test! Where you are able to sample your masterpiece!

Flour Child experience:

Our head chef Daniele has travelled the world determined to discover the secret ingredients and cultures, and translate them to cooking.

He started as a pizza chef in Rome over five years ago where he decided to study something truly unique – Pinsa Romana Pizza. The art of cooking is often described as a romance, a language understood in every country.  Fall in love with Pinsa Romana Pizza at Flour Child St Kilda. Our masterclass sequel will teach you the ancient secrets passed down over centuries while experienced in the modern vibe of St Kilda. A fresh and exciting education class on a truly unique product.


What’s Included?

-Handmade Pinsa Romana Cooking Class

-Use of all equipment

-Pinsa Romana kit to take home

-Masterclass  Certificat

-Pinsa Romana Tasting