The Flour Child Academy


We really enjoyed the search and discovery of Pinsa Pizza for Australia. The history, the passionate development of the recipe for us has been a great journey. We want to share this with everyone so, we have committed to and have developed an education program.

Flour Child’s in-house pizza school offers weekly master classes on the art of measuring, proving, resting, stretching and baking authentic “Pinsa Romana” pizza.

Of course, our expert salumeria and cheese specialists will be part of the education calendar offering tasting and wine matching master classes.

We also take our drinking seriously and so we are committed to run a series of dedicated wine master classes, whiskey blending classes, cocktail master classes, fine spirit appreciation, aperitif and digestive appreciation classes.

For information on dates and registration, please contact us here and stay in touch via our social channels.

Or, fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information on our education schedule!