Flour Child is a new and innovative creation in pizza and bar culture

Our hero product, is called “Pinsa Romana” and it is the very best pizza you will ever taste! Whilst steeped in history it is actually very new, even, for its country of origin Rome in Italy. Definitely a first for Australia. Pinsa Romana is a remarkably different pizza in every way.

The flour itself is unique – the mixing and kneading process, 48 hours of dough proving, finally then, topped with the freshest ingredients with the most innovative combinations, creates a base that is always crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.

We are all looking forward to the farewell of 2020 this year… and with good reason! So, this New Years Eve, why not join us for an extra special event. St Kilda is known for its quirky parties and this New Year’s Eve will offer no short supply of celebration. Step into a Coachella dream, featuring the traditional bohemian music festival charm!